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The Most Popular Shotgun in America - Remington 870

Remington's Model 870 When you think of a shotgun, most people think of the Remington 870. First developed in 1950, the 870 was unique in that it was one of the first rifles ever to have its parts stamped instead of machined. Remington has developed it as part of a family of shotguns that used interchangeable parts. The use of these parts has made it possible for a standard Remington 870 shotgun to be transformed into an 870 Police shotgun with just a few upgradable parts. Hunting, Law Enforcement, and Security Model 870 Express Synthetic Tactical Over the years, the rifle has proven itself to be an extremely rugged and dependable gun which is why the 870 is the shotgun of choice for most American hunters. Plus the 870 is used ex...  Read More

The Hottest Pistol Made – The FNX-45 Tactical-- Pat’s Archery and Outdoor Review

The FNX-45 Tactical FNX-45 Tactical is the result of the extensive research on how to improve the features of its older version, the FNP-45 Tactical. It was developed for the U.S Joint Combat Pistol Program with its innate nature for combat in battle. Belonging to the family of FN series, this new Tactical will not just live through the battle but also bring victories to those who use it. With its innovative and modern features of handgun engineering, the new FNX-45 Tactical has .45 ACP performance and is definitely the top of the handgun industry. FN FNX is a pistol series made by FN America and involving the use of framed pistols in polymer. It is semi-automatic and is chambered for 9x19 millimeters of Parabellum, .45 ACP,...  Read More

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