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Gadsden, Alabama’s Largest Selection of Handguns, Rifles, Ammo & More!

"Excellent customer service!"

"Love Pats. All the sales staff are very knowledgeable and very helpful" 

"Great Place to do business. Very knowledgeable staff. They make you feel like family."

Pat’s Archery and Outdoors started as a small outdoor enthusiast shop in the early 1980s, and has grown to one of Alabama’s leading providers of recreational outdoor equipment, including firearms like rifles and handguns, ammo, archery necessities like crossbows, bows and arrows, outdoor apparel and more. 

Our experienced, friendly staff can help answer all of your questions about our products, such as: 

  • Which gun is best for my hunting trip? 
  • Should I use a standard bow or a crossbow? 
  • Will camo help concealment during my next hunting trip?
  • What ammo should I choose? 

These are very common questions, and our team at Pat’s Archery and Outdoors provides these answers and more to our customers in Gadsden, Alabama. We are here to help you find the right piece of equipment for your outdoor activity.  

Our Gadsden gunshop owners and staff are proud supporters of the US military, law enforcement and our local hunting communities. All products are Made in the USA. 

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