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Dead Air


Product Code : 810128162470


Mfg Item #: MOJAVE9FDE


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The Mojave-9 pushes the boundaries of performance finally allowing you to have the benefits of low blow-back AND supreme acoustic signature reduction. This is achieved by the all-new Triskelion baffle system that promotes continuous yet efficient flow of gases. This leads to a less toxic lower recoil and overall more enjoyable shooting experience. In short it's a breath of fresh air. - The two-piece modular design lets you prioritize peak levels of sound reduction or a lower size and weight making it more versatile to fit your specific needs. - The Triskelion baffle design is made possible by DMLS additive manufacturing. It has opened the door for pushing the limits of performance through enhanced baffle geometries. Something not previously achievable through traditional manufacturing processes. - MATERIALS 6AL-4V DMLS Titanium 7075 Aluminum Stainless Steel - FINISH High temp Cerakote - CALIBER RATING 9mm 300BLK Subsonic (full-auto) 350 Legend 300BLK Supersonic (semi-auto) - ENERGY RATING 1900 ft lbs - DIAMETER 1.405 - LENGTH 7.64 / 5.89 - WEIGHT 9.6oz / 8.2oz - MOUNT 1/2-28 Piston (included) Accepts P-Series Adapters

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